Belief Travel


The Belief Travel program is an amazing way for you to learn, participate and collaborate in different countries worldwide. This is an international exchange program exclusive for Wedding Planners that are part of the BWP community.

If you are used to organizing Catholic weddings, but you want to learn how an Hindu wedding works, now you can!
If you are used to do formal/night weddings, but you would love to participate in a shoeless beach wedding, now you can!
And a lot of other ideas!

No matter what your expertise is, you now can have new experiences in the wedding industry, in other countries, with amazing people with our full support.

How it works?

You can choose between applying to participate in a wedding as a guest wedding planner
or receive other members of our community to collab with you.

If you want to apply

  • Meet amazing people worldwide
    Choose your destination, the best date for you, and we will work together to match your agenda with some local members. We will open new spots worldwide monthly. Stay tuned!
  • The wedding planner host
    With the travel details, you will answer a questionnaire and with all these information, we will be able to put you in touch with people that we believe will love to have you as a guest.
  • Plan your trip
    This is a 5 day program, which includes a full day of collaboration as a “Guest Wedding Planner” in a wedding organized by one of the Beliefers, plus the experience in a totally different scenario.

If you want to be a Wedding Planner host

  • Promote your city/country as a Destination Wedding
    Bringing a wedding planner from other places, you will promote your work and also your local partners. This is a win-win game when you share your local knowledge and support the BWP community.
  • Be rewarded as a Beliefer
    Members who apply to be a host Wedding Planner for the Belief Travel, will be recognized for that and get extra benefits as a member.
  • Don’t worry about the cost for you
    To support the program, members who decide to apply for the Belief Travel, are asked to pay a small fee to support our local members to create an amazing experience. Like a local tour, maybe a special dinner, extra costs and other fun stuff that you can do together.

What we will offer to you

  • Exposure
    We will always cover in full these exchanges promoting both of you on our social media channels and to the international press in some cases.
  • Be recognized
    We truly believe that #togetherwearestronger and for that reason, members who apply to participate in the Belief Travel Program will get extra benefits as part of the community.
  • Connections support
    Either the wedding planner host or the guest will have to achieve some requirement to be eligible.

The best part

As part of the Belief Travel program, you'll learn directly from some of the most talented wedding planners in the industry and they will learn with you too. You'll also be immersed in different cultures from around the world, connect with industry experts and build lifelong relationships.

Want to apply to be a host or a guest?
Let’s chat more!

If you need something, please drop us an email
[email protected]