Belief Referral


Our referral program is a way of rewarding (as a special thanks) to you when you bring a new member to our community.

The Belief Referral Program is an amazing way to support our community and build long-lasting connections.

How and what do I earn?

It’s simple! When you invite a wedding planner friend to join BWP, they will get an extra free month added to their account, and you will be able to choose between 1 (one) extra month added to your account or 10% of on your next annual membership fee.
The reward is valid for each new wedding planner that become a member of our community under your invitation.

Can I send you their info and contact and the Belief Team get in touch with them?

We are always open to talk to your friends about BWP, but we believe that when you talk about the community and your real experiences, it’s easier for them to relate to our concept.

We will give you full support to spread the word and bring as many friends as you want!

How can I invite them?

You can, for example, send them an email or message talking about BWP. Our text suggestion:

“Join me at Belief Wedding Planners today! When you join the community under my invitation, you will get an extra month for FREE ($35 value).
I’m loving to be part of this international family of wedding planners and I’m sure you’re gonna love it too. This is the place to be! <3”

The link to join the community:

When do I receive my credit?

You will have your credit added to your account after your referral complete the payment step and be approved as an active member.
If you choose the 10% discount, we will deduct of your next annual membership fee.

Remember, you can refer as many wedding planners as you’d like.
Let’s spread the word and make the difference.



  • We need to know that they are coming from you, remember to send us an email and also to tell your friend to mention that to us so we can give them the extra month.

  • The Belief Referral program is only valid for wedding planners that join BWP with the annual membership plan. Monthly membership is not included.

If you need something, please drop us an email
[email protected].