What is Belief Wedding Planners?

Belief is an international community exclusive for wedding planners. The main goal is connecting, promoting and creating lifelong relations between planners worldwide.

For whom Belief is for?

Belief is for full time wedding planners that think big, like to share knowledge, want to improve their business, and have the desire to make the difference in the world in some way.

What do I get joining the community?

A profile page with your business description, headshot, up to 6 photos of your portfolio, social media links plus your website link, and any Belief Awards that you earned. (If you subscribe as a guest member, some of this features are not included) Access to Belief platform which includes easy access to BWP services, including Belief Forum for wedding planners and an exclusive Inspiration Board Be able to participate in all programs that we offer: Belief Awards, Belief Press, Belief Travel, and Belief Referral. Also participate in our social project Two+Us. 15 free entries per edition for the Belief Awards Access to our closed group on Facebook Subscription to Belief exclusive newsletter for members (once a week) Opportunity to travel worldwide with us once a year for the Belief Retreat (cost not included on your membership fee) A supportive and active community of people ready to improve your business with you International press opportunities and our tireless effort to promote your work via social media channels, blog and newsletter A digital certificate A personalized badge Special discount on Belief Store and Belief Learning.

There are a lot of wedding planners from my country, is that a problem for me?

No, we are focused on a collective growth, and for that reason you will have amazing opportunities to learn with other planners from different countries and also from yours. We are a collaborative platform to grow your business with a high standard ideal. So doesn't matter the number of members in your country, what is important is the way that you will improve your business with all the great learning that you will have access.

What are the greatest benefits to be part of Belief?
  • It gets your name and your company’s name out there with force
  • More ways to meet like minded people from all over the world
  • Easy access to Q&A and feedback
  • Value collaborations
  • Continue learning opportunities
  • Much more exposure for you
  • Much more business

Joining and Pricing

What do I need to do to become a member?

First you need to make sure that Belief is for you, then you need to make the payment of your annual membership fee, and you will be able to create your profile page. After that, we will approve your account within 3 business days. If you are a professional wedding planner and would like to join, please go here.

How can I know if I will be accept as a member?

If you are a full time wedding planner who likes to connect with other professionals and have big dreams for your career, Belief is for you. It will be a pleasure having you part of our community. Remember: you have to have your website and social media channels active with recent content that proves that you are a full time wedding planner.

How much does Belief subscription cost?

The starter subscription cost $297 (USD dollars) per year. Once you are a member of Belief, you will be able to upgrade your plan and have access to more features and benefits if you want to. You can upgrade your plan after one month as a starter.

If I’m not happy about the community, can I have a refund?

Our policy is 100% money back guarantee up to 30 days after purchase, guilt-free. If you are not happy about being part of BWP, we will refund you without questioning, but we would love to hear from you so we can improve. :-)

How do I get a refund?

Just send us an email at [email protected] asking for a refund. Wait 2 business days (Monday-Friday) after your email before sending in another request. We will send the money on your way the same day, unless of course, you change your mind. :)

Do you offer installment payments as an option?

Yes! Belief Wedding Planners works hard to fulfill all our clients needs and for that reason you have two options: you can join now for $35 a month or pay annually with discount.


Do you guarantee quality leads, and more clients to my business?

We do not guarantee that your business will get more leads through our website. In fact, we caution you against any company that makes such guarantees. What we will do for you is to promote your work intense and tireless by our staff on our social media channels and blog. Also, if you participate in all our projects, you will definitely get more exposure and the quality leads are part of this success.

How can I have my profile in the top of the directory?

To be at the top of Belief directory you must be an awarded member and/or upgrade your starter account to a higher subscription level.

How can I get more exposure in the international press?

We offer extra services as part of our Belief Press strategy. This has an extra cost, and it’s designed/offered “a la carte” to all members. Besides that, if you are among the winners of Belief Awards, you will be automatically included on our press strategy to promote the results worldwide.

For new members

How can I create my profile page?

Go to https://members.beliefweddingplanners.com/header/profile and upload your information and images.

Belief Programs

What is the Belief Awards?

The Belief Awards is the most important program that our community offers related to exposure. Twice a year, members have the opportunity to send their weddings (photos) for a high quality judging panel to give their opinion. The international press is always looking for the results and for that reason the winners have been featured in a lot of different countries worldwide. This is for you! Learn more here. (link para page do awards)

What is the Belief Retreat?

This is one of the best time of the year for our community. It’s the time of getting offline and hang out with members in a special place during 3 days and 3 nights. In 2017 we were in Mexico, and in 2018 we will be in Italy for days of learning, sharing, fun, and giving back to the community. Learn more about the retreat here.* (link para page do retreat)

*extra fees may be applied.

What is the Belief Referral?

Our Referral program is a way of rewarding you (as a special gift) when you bring a new member to our community. With your special code, your friends will get 10% off on their annual subscription and you can choose between $30 for you as a credit or an extra month for free added to your account. Everybody wins! You can refer as many people as you’d like. Want to participate, go here.

What is the Belief Travel?

Belief Travel is a real and incredible opportunity for you to participate in weddings all over the world. You pick the date of your travel plans, and we will work along with local members to get a spot as a “wedding planner guest” on real weddings. If you want to travel the world and learn at the same time, this program is perfect for you.*

*extra fees may be applied.