What are the general advantages of being
a Belief community member?

  • Networking with wedding planners from different countries
  • Building Trust
  • Learning opportunities
  • Marketing (branding, SEO & customer relationship)
  • Sales (increased engagement & sales opportunities)
  • Product/service development (products insights and growth)
  • Support (a key component for your success)
  • Like minded people at the same group with similar business goals.


Instead of having to pay a great deal of money for a mastermind group, you will have access to a lot of golden content and a high quality group helping you out.


When you actively contribute to a group, people will get to know you and your brand. A great opportunity to build a solid reputation in the eyes of other members and generate possible new experiences and results.

Accountability + Friendship

Being part of the wedding industry may not be easy, and the support that you receive from our community and its members can be the force that you need sometimes. You don’t have to do it alone. #togetherwearestronger

High quality information and content

Being with the right people is the golden key. Having people thinking in the same way and looking for solid results, can be really interesting for the growth of your business.


Presenting your brand to your market isn’t easy. But when you collab with other professionals and go out there offering value to your customers, it will be simple amazing for your business. Stepping out onto the wedding industry with other members, can increase your chances to a “shared success”. It’s a win-win game.

The Press by your side

As a community member, you can create a press strategy for your brand and have a support of us. If the media channels knows you’re affiliated with an international community of wedding planners, they are likely to pay more attention to your subject than others.

How would you like to have a group of like-minded people supporting you, exchanging experiences, cheering for your goals, spreading the word, and helping you grow your business? It’s here!

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