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When I moved to NY after working as a wedding planner for almost 8 years in Brazil, I had in mind that finding planners to connect with would be fast and smooth.
But it wasn’t so easy, and I’m grateful for all the bad things that happened back there. .
I didn’t have in mind to meet people to ask for a job, I wanted to make new friends, know the market, and chat more with other planners.
After 62 big fat NO (yeap, I received 62 replies saying no with the most different answers), I decided to take a (forced) sabbatical year and devote my time to my kiddos while Fabio was working for a famous studio as a photographer. Crushing my ego and making me learn fast!
I felt defeated.
I thought about changing my career, and just working somewhere to make some money.
I was super sad and feeling stupid.
It was in my living room when the idea came to me.
The solution to my problem looked super simple to solve: open an international community where wedding planners from all over the globe could connect, learn with each other, cry, ask for help, give back, teach and meet new friends.

I have to say that it has not been easy. I lost the count how many times I cried because it was not working, or because I was working around the clock and not making money to give my kids a fair life, or because the rejection was hitting hard on me.
At the same time, I kept thinking about the people that said yes to our Belief family.
I simple could not let them alone anymore. This was not for me anymore, it was for us. And here we are, on the way to our 5th anniversary in 2020, people from 31 countries, 4 editions of the Two+Us, and lots of happy tears. I see these past years and I’m proud of my personal and professional learning curve of everything that we achieved as a team, and as a community. ⚡️

Let's celebrate today this new era of our community!
This is for you!

Giovana Duailibe


We help Wedding Creators to grow their business, by giving them all the tools to make their work easier so they can make more money while having more time to enjoy life.

Belief Team

The best blend of dreamers and doers.
The best formula for great connections and results.

What we can do for you:

  • Grab a coffee together in different countries
  • Grow your business through a supportive community
  • Connect you with the right people
  • Rethink your branding strategies to make it bigger and better
  • Promote you worldwide
  • Make a difference in the world together
  • Push your business to the moon
  • Enjoy a “caipirinha” together (aka the best Brazilian drink)
  • Visit your country and promote it to other people
  • Be friends in the real life

We are a group of experienced PRs, designers, strategist and crazy people ready to take over the world for good.

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